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BeeBo & Bop: At Home

Copy of Copy of Copy of An online clown

BeeBo & Bop at Home is a theatrical and interactive video series for preschoolers and their pals. Join clown duo  BeeBo and Bop as they discover fun and silly things to do around their house. Starting a kitchen band! Adopting a pet rock! Learning how to make “breathless bubbles” and more!!!

Cast and Crew

Writer/Performer/Editor: Zita Nyarady

Writer/Performer/Editor: Myque Franz

Director: Vanita Butrsingkorn

Music Composer:Alex Eddington


A HUGE Thank You to: Sylvie, Jasmin, Sidarth, Philip, Reanna, Carole, Jerry, Jeanne, Jeremy, Rowan, Aubree, Cora, Myles, Rob, Kathryn, Toby, Jasper, Eli, Gus, Sylvie, Zsuzsa, Rick, Chris

Episode 5

Coming Soon


We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts | Conseil des arts du Canada.

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