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Bird Brians and City Hearts

A family of tall birds  travel through the city looking for a place to rest their nest.


Communicating entirely through their own bird language, this feathered family explores the geographies they find themselves in and plays with the people they meet. 


Many any questions flutter about the brains of these birds:

What makes an ideal home?

 What prevents us from resting in certain spots?

How do animals, of both the bird and people kind, survive in the city? 
Will that person on the bench feed us some bread crumbs!?!!?



Originally developed as part of the 2012 Theatre Passe Muraille Everywhere, Bird Brains and City Hearts has performed for the David Suzuki Foundation and for the Toronto Buskerfest. 



Bird Brains and City Hearts was created in collaboration with Zita Nyarady, Caitlin Morris-Cornfield, Vanita Butrsingkorn, Virpi Kettu and Sam Aylsworth.

Thank you to Theatre Passe Muraille and the Metcalf Foundation for their support in the development of Bird Brians and City Hearts

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