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A Factual account of a Fictional encounter.

"Truth has a funny way of lying to you. In that lie, lies a greater truth: only through fiction can people understand facts..."

Proposed first line of this show

What can you do when your home town is so strange that people don't believe you when you talk about it? A place where a defunct mental health asylum looms across the street from the brand new high school? Where the most famous resident of the community (Season 19's version of The Bachelor) is sitting in the county jail for an alleged hit and run involving a tractor? A place where the air smells like bacon, and vultures wheel in the sky overhead to nest on a water tower that proclaims boldly: Independence.

How do you make people care about a place they've never heard of and likely will never visit? 

This show is my attempt to come to grips with my hometown, a celebration of the everyday uniqueness that is a slowly crumbling American village, and how despite all indications of the contrary, it persists.


Myque Franz: Writer/Performer

Zita Nyarady: Director

Katie Johnson: Dramaturge


This work has been supported by the Ontario Arts Council Recommender Grant for Theatre Creators with the Toronto Fringe. 

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