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My Cat Thinks it's a Pig... And Other Farm Stories

A comic essay of life in art from a farm boy's perspective

“Franz is a funny guy. His technique is simple: no props, screaming or blue language. Instead, he relies on a descriptive narrative that is very effective.”

Kings River Life Magazine

Myque Franz’s farm boy past catches up with him in unexpected ways and often at inopportune moments. “My Cat Thinks it’s a Pig...and Other Farm Stories” is full of incidents like meeting vegan werewolves,  a death-defying ride down a volcano, and a stand-up comedian who may or may not be a house cat. Amazingly, Myque has a way to relate it all back to growing up on the farm. 



Myque Franz: Writer/Performer

Zita Nyarady: Director

Katie Johnson: Dramaturge 

Nat Vickers: Encouragement

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